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The average number of Sampo Group’s employees (FTE) in 2015 amounted to 6,755 (6,739). P&C insurance is Sampo Group’s largest business area and employed 91.4 per cent of the personnel. Life insurance had approximately 7.7 per cent of the work force and the parent company Sampo plc 0.8 per cent.

In geographical terms Finland had 33 per cent of the personnel, Sweden 27 per cent and Norway 20 per cent. The share of Baltic countries, Denmark and other countries was 20 per cent.

During 2015, the number of staff in P&C insurance remained stable. The number of employees decreased in Norway and Finland and increased in Baltic countries, Sweden and Denmark. As of 31 December 2015, P&C insurance employed 6,739 persons. If P&C’s Finnish subsidiary, If P&C Insurance Company Ltd (Finland), started a cooperation procedure on 12 October 2015 involving approximately 212 staff members at Commercial and Private business areas as well as internal audit. As a result of the procedure, number of personnel in If P&C decreased by 92 persons, of which 78 employment contracts will end by voluntary agreements, 11 by retirement arrangements and 3 by dismissals.

The total number of staff in life insurance increased nearly 3 per cent driven by staff growth in Finland. Life insurance operations employed 559 persons at the end of 2015. As of 31 December 2015, the total number of staff in Sampo Group totaled 6,782 persons.

More detailed information on personnel in Sampo Group is available in the Personnel section of the Annual Report.