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ALM Risks

When changes in different market risk variables (interest rates, inflation, foreign exchange rates) cause a change in the fair values of investment assets and derivatives that is of a different size than the respective change in the economic value of the insurance liabilities, the company is exposed to ALM risk. It has to be noted that the cash flows of insurance liabilities are modelled estimates and are therefore uncertain in relation to both their timing and amount. This uncertainty is a central component of ALM risk.

Liquidity Risks

Liquidity risk is the risk that Group companies are, due to a lack of available liquid funds or access to relevant markets, unable to conduct their regular business activities in accordance with the strategy, or in extreme cases, are unable to settle their financial obligations when they fall due.

Liquidity Risks

The sources of liquidity risk in Sampo Group are either internal or external by their nature. If the company’s rating declines or if the company’s solvency otherwise appears jeopardised, its ability to raise funding, buy reinsurance cover or enter into financial derivatives at a reasonable price is endangered. Moreover, policyholders may also not be willing to renew their policies because of the company’s financial challenges or in the case of reputational issues. If these risks, caused by internal reasons, are realized together with general market turmoil, which makes the selling of investment assets and the refinancing of debt difficult, maintaining adequate liquidity can be a challenge.