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Notes to the Group’s Financial Statements

35 Related party disclosures
Key management personnel
The key management personnel in Sampo Group consists of the members of the Board of Directors of Sampo plc and Sampo Group’s Executive Committee, and the entities over which the members of the key management personnel have a control.
Key management compensation
EURm 2015 2014
Short-term employee benefits 8 8
Post employment benefits 4 3
Other long-term benefits 13 10
Total 25 21
In addition, deferred compensation EUR 119,269 (134,779) was paid to former members of the Group Executive Committee during the financial year.
Short-term employee benefits comprise salaries and other short-terms benefits, including profit-sharing bonuses accounted for for the year, and social security costs.
Post employment benefits include pension benefits under the Employees’ Pensions Act (TyEL) in Finland and voluntary supplementary pension benefits.
Other long-term benefits consist of the benefits under long-term incentive schemes accounted for for the year (see Note 36).
Related party transactions of the key management
The key management does not have any loans from the Group companies.
Outstanding balances with related parties/Associate Nordea
EURm 2015 2014
Assets 2,004 1,483
Liabilities 102 114
The Group's receivables from Nordea coprise mainly long-term investments in bonds and deposits. In addition, the Group has several on-going derivative contracts related to the Group's risk management of investments and liabilities.