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Notes to Sampo plc’s Financial Statements

Notes on the staff and management
17 Staff numbers
EURm 2015
Average during the year
Average during the year
Full-time staff 56 52
Part-time staff 3 5
Temporary staff 1 2
Total 60 59
18 Board fees and management remuneration
EUR thousand 2015 2014
Managing Director Kari Stadigh 4,290 3,653
Members of the Board of Directors
Björn Wahlroos 160 160
Anne Brunila 80 80
Jannica Fagerholm 80 80
Adine Grate Axén 80 80
Veli-Matti Mattila 80 80
Risto Murto 80 -
Eira Palin-Lehtinen 100 80
Per Arthur Sørlie 80 80
In addition to the above, the company has in accordance with the decision of the Annual General Meeting in 2015 compensated transfer tax of in total EUR 6,006.68 related to the acquisition of the company shares (EUR 1,276.33 pertaining to the Chairman, EUR 806.60 pertaining to the Vice Chairman and EUR 3,923.74 pertaining to the other Finnish members of the Board).
Pension liability
The retirement age of the Managing Director is 60 years, when the pension benefit is 60% of the pensionable salary.
19 Pension contributions to the CEO, deputy CEO and the members of the board
EUR thousand Supplementary pension costs Statutory pension costs Total
Pension contributions paid during the year
Chairman of the Board - - -
Other Members of the Board - - -
President/CEO 1) 2,268 126 2,394
Deputy CEO - - -
Former Chairmen of the Board
Kalevi Keinänen 2) 6 - 6
Former Presidents/CEO:s
Harri Hollmen 3) 12 - 12
2,286 126 2,412
1) According to the defined benefit pension agreement in force until 31 December 2015, the pension benefit of the Group CEO was 60 per cent of his pensionable salary. The pensionable salary included fixed salary, fringe benefits, holiday pay and short-term incentives and was calculated as an average of two out of the four last full years, where the best and the worst year were left out. The supplementary pension costs for 2015 includes the final premium of 2016 (525,183 euros) and the liability is now fully covered. The defined benefit supplementary pension agreement stipulated in the previous service contract for the Group CEO is replaced by a new defined contribution pension agreement entering into force on 1 January 2016. The annual cost of the agreement for Sampo is 400,000 euros.
2) Group pension agreement with a retirement age of 60 years and a pension benefit of 66 per cent of the pensionable TyEL-salary (TyEL: Employee's Pension Act). The supplementary cost pertains to a yearly index adjustement.
3) Group pension agreement with a retirement age of 60 and a pension benefit of 60 per cent of the pensionable TyEL-salary. The supplementary cost pertains to a yearly index adjustement.